In the same way an SAP implementation is complex, so is the topic of SAP security. SAP security can be confusing, . To IT infrastructure professionals, security usually means safeguarding the hardware & operating process from unauthorized access. Database administrators usually think of securing sensitive database tables & indexes so that only positive people can see, change, insert, or delete information. & SAP Basis professionals equate SAP security to locking down the SAP Basis layer & application integration points. But SAP security to the largest group of people, SAP’s end-user community, refers to something different: establishing the functional roles & authorizations necessary to do your job using SAP. For example:

Each SAP Business Suite & NetWeaver part requires user IDs to be created.
Within each application (such as SAP Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Financials, Logistics, Warehouse, & so on), functional or â “domain-specific” roles require to be defined. You might generate a purchasing role, a sales role, an auditor role, an accounts payable clerk role, & so on.
Roles require to be carefully tuned; within the finance functional area, for example, different types of roles must be carefully segregated from another in the name of â separation of duties.
The user IDs created previously require to be associated with or more roles. (A/P clerks require to be tied to the A/P clerk role, for example.)
One or more specific authorizations (giving role owners the ability to run specific business transactions) require to be added to every role.




You get complete coverage of the topics below:      

SAP - SAP Security


Section 1: Introduction to SAP Security
Lecture 1 Introduction to SAP
Lecture 2 Introduction to SAP Security
Section 2: SAP User Maintenance
Lecture 3 User Master Record in SAP
Lecture 4 User Types in SAP
Lecture 5 Creation of User in SAP using SU01
Lecture 6 Mass User Maintenance in SAP using SU10
Section 3: Security Support and Troubleshooting - Tips and Tricks
Lecture 7 Display Auth Data in SU53 
Lecture 8 ST01 Trace in Security 
Section 4: SAP Security Reporting
Lecture 9 SAP User Information System 
Section 5: SAP Role Concept, Design and Maintenance
Lecture 10 Roles and Authorizations in SAP 
Lecture 11 Parent and Derived Roles 
Lecture 12 Composite Roles 
Section 6: SAP Security Concepts
Lecture 13 Authorization Check 
Lecture 14 Select Authorization Concept 
Section 7: SAP Technical Know how to Manage SAP Security
Lecture 15 Login Profile Parameters 
Lecture 16 Authorization Groups 
Lecture 17 SE93 Custom T Code Creation 
Lecture 18 Organizational Levels in SAP 
Lecture 19 Default Users in SAP 
Section 8: SAP ECC Security
Lecture 20 Security Tables 
Lecture 21 Critical Basis Authorizations 
Lecture 22 Custom Auth Objects 
Lecture 23 SAP Delivered Checks 
Lecture 24 SAP Profile Reconciliation - PFUD 
Lecture 25 SAP ABAP Security 
Section 9: SAP Central User Administration
Lecture 26 Central User Administration - CUA 
Section 10: SAP Upgrades
Lecture 27 SU24 Maintain Check Indicators 
Lecture 28 Copy Check Indicators - SU25 
Section 11: SAP AS JAVA Security
Lecture 29 SAP AS JAVA Security 
Lecture 30 Portal Permissions 
Lecture 31 UME SAP User Management 
Lecture 32 UME SAP Roles Mangement 
Lecture 33 SAP UME Group Management 
Section 12: SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) Security
Lecture 34 Central Management Console - CMC 
Lecture 35 Creating Users and Groups in CMC 
Lecture 36 Access Levels 
Section 13: SAP Security on HANA
Lecture 37 Creating Users in HANA Studio 
Lecture 38 User Administration in SAP HANA 
Lecture 39 Role Concept 
Lecture 40 Authentication in SAP HANA 
Lecture 41 Authorization Methods in SAP HANA 
Lecture 42 Auditing in SAP HANA 
Section 14: Conclusion
Lecture 43 Conclusion
Lecture 44 Supplement Material : SAP Security Checklist 

SAP Security Training for all


Section 1: Introduction to SAP
Lecture 1 Introduction to SAP 
Lecture 2 Logon and Navigation 
Lecture 3 The need for SAP Security 
Lecture 4 SAP Landscape and concept of client 
Section 2: DNA of SAP Security
Lecture 5 SAP Security DNA 1 
Lecture 6 SAP Security DNA - 2 
Lecture 7 Key transactions 
Lecture 8 Key tables in Security 
Lecture 9 Custom auth object class and object with SU21 
Lecture 10 SU24 
Section 3: SAP User management
Lecture 11 SAP User types 
Lecture 12 Single user administration 
Lecture 13 Mass user management with SU10 
Lecture 14 What is CUA 
Section 4: Role administration
Lecture 15 Derived roles 
Lecture 16 Composite role 
Section 5: SAP Password policy management
Lecture 17 Password control with policy RZ10 
Section 6: Supporting Internal and external audits
Lecture 18 SAP Audit support 
Lecture 19 The power of SUIM reporting
Section 7: SAP Upgrade security
Lecture 20 Upgrade security 
Section 8: SAP Governance, risk & compliance primer
Lecture 21 Entities in SAP Security 
Lecture 22 Critical action - permissions 
Lecture 23 Role approvers 
Section 9: Troubleshooting SAP security issues in a structured approach
Lecture 24 User trace 
Section 10: SAP Security baseline process
Lecture 25 SAP Baselines process 
Section 11: Conclusion
Lecture 26 Next steps
Lecture 27 Download resources


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