SAP Solution Manager is the best way for a new customer to see what business processes come delivered in SAP systems. I meet with many new customers who want to immediately start creating workflows and process flows. SAP Solution Manager answers the question: “What business processes come delivered with SAP – as part of the standard application.”

It is also very useful for Upgrade or system maintenance.

Major Advantages

It works with ARIS in modeling what your business processes should be.
It serves as a ‘system of record’ for the design of your processes, including documentation, configuration, and project work completed.
It can be used in conjunction with Solution Composer to see solutions provided by SAP.
It works in conjunction with SAP Central Process Scheduling providing seamless process automation & job scheduling across both SAP and non SAP environments




You get complete coverage of the topics below:      


Section 1: Overview of SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 1 Overview of SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 2 SAP Product Availability Matrix - PAM 
Lecture 3 Sizing of SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 4 SAP Solman Infrastructure 
Section 2: Installation of SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 5 Download of SAP Solution Manager Software 
Lecture 6 Installation of SAP Solution Manager 
Section 3: Configuration for SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 7 Setup of SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 8 Basic Configuration of SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 9 Managed Server Configuration in SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 10 SAP Solution Manager - key generation 
Section 4: SAP Landscape
Lecture 11 SAP System Lanscape Directory - SLD 
Lecture 12 SAP LMDB Overview 
Lecture 13 SAP Solution Manager SMSY - Demo 
Lecture 14 SAP CR Content update for SLD 
Lecture 15 SAP SLD - Demo 
Lecture 16 SAP SLD Synchronizing 
Section 5: SAP Hostagent
Lecture 17 SAP Hostagent Overivew and Architecture 
Lecture 18 Download of SAP HostAgent 
Lecture 19 SAP Hostagent Installation 
Lecture 20 SAP Hostagent installation - Demo 
Section 6: Diagnostics Agent in SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 21 Download of SAP Diagnostics Agent 
Lecture 22 Criteria to decide where to install an SAP Agent 
Lecture 23 SAP SMD Agent Configuration 
Lecture 24 SAP SMD Agent installation Demo 
Section 7: SAP Solution Manager Work Center
Lecture 25 Introduction to SAP Solution Manager Workcenter 
Lecture 26 SAP Solution Manager Workcenter details 
Lecture 27 Architecture and Overview of SAP Workcenter 
Section 8: SAP Software Upgrades using Solution Manager
Lecture 28 SAP MOPz - Maintenance Optimizer and Stack File Generation 
Section 9: Wily Introscope in SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 29 Download of Wily Introscope server and Agent from SAP 
Lecture 30 Overview of Wily Introscope in SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 31 Installation of Wily Instroscpe in SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 32 Installation of Wily Introscope agent in SAP Solution Manager 
Section 10: Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 33 System Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 34 Early Watch Alert using SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 35 Business Process Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 36 Business Process Analytics using SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 37 SAP Solution Manager Documentation Asistant using SAP Solution Manager 
Section 11: SAP IT Service Management
Lecture 38 SAP Request for a Change 
Lecture 39 SAP Create an Incident Ticket 
Lecture 40 SAP Dispatch an Incident Ticket 
Lecture 41 SAP Alert Inbox 
Section 12: Important Documents for SAP Configuration
Lecture 42 Central Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager 
Lecture 43 SAP BI and Central Performance History Setup 
Lecture 44 CHaRM setup for a Typical SAP Landscape 
Section 13: Next Steps in SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 45 Conclusion and Next Steps including Demo Access to SAP Solution Manager 


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